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Guitar lessons are available for all ages and levels of abilities.

Each student chooses to learn an instrument for many different reasons and I believe in catering to the individual needs and requirements of the student while following my belief in fundamentals to give the student a base to understand music and pursue their goals on the guitar.

I specialise in Jazz Guitar and harmony though have a deep passion for all styles and approaches to guitar and every style has a wealth of knowledge and vocabulary to draw from.

Beginners require very different needs to the more experienced players and with my student access in my lesson pages on this site I have many lessons and play alongs that the beginners can use to practise to make the speed of their development move far quicker than going at it alone whether younger or older, these videos are created for the purpose to answer the questions you may have between your sessions and a practise tool to make the most of your time on guitar at home.

Advancing students will have access to tonnes of PDFs and video lessons covering a large array of topics that can help the student get deeper understanding of harmony and harder material and have the ability to go over the topics between classes to really understand pops to going at it alone.

First Lesson Free:

I offer my first class free no hassle or obligations, come in do a class and take it from whether you would like to continue and book in for your regular classes or move on to other options you may have.

I think it is important for the student to meet the teacher and for the teacher to access the student to get an understanding of the direction of the classes and needs/interests of the individual.

Please feel free to contact me to book your free trial lesson today.


Invoiced monthly (generally 4 lessons per month) and sent out at the beginning of each month. Students are expected to pay the invoice in full in the first 2 weeks of each month.

With notice classes will be credited for the month in advent of being away or other reasons for not being able to attend though lesson times can always be flexible and missed lessons can be made up through the month with some simple rescheduling since things understandably do pop up last minute and your class time may not be possible on a given week.

Private Lesson $45 (1/2 hour)

Private Lessons $60 (45min) 

Private Lesson $80 (1 hour) 

(Groups available up to 3 students per class 45mins or 1hr lessons recommended)

Group Lessons $30 Per Student (1/2 hour)

Group Lessons $40 Per Student (45min)

Group Lessons $50 Per Student (1 hour) 


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