Polytonal Scales Part 1 (Minor Chords)


Polytonal Scales Part 1 (Minor Chords)


Polytonal Scales Part 1 (Minor Chords):

This lesson will be diving into the world of Polytonality to use and add to your current musical vocabulary whether for soloing, songwriting or improvisation. 

It includes:

Over 30 Minutes of Instruction 

6 PDFs covering The Polytonal scales to use of Minor Chords, Polytonal licks, An Arrangement of Impressions and Exploration of the scales on Progressions and Vamps.

Hope you will enjoy this lesson and it will become a useful resource for you in your advancing studies in guitar and improvisation.

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Polytonal Scales Part 1 (Minor Chords)

This lesson is focused on opening up new musical options and harmonic ideas through the use of polytonal scales.

This will allow you to unlock the neck in brand new ways and add fresh new ideas to your current vocabulary.

This lesson is suggested for musicians who already have a foundation in the basics of harmony and modes for Major, Melodic Minor and Harmonic Minor scales and would like to explore new options to use in their lead playing, songwriting and improvisation, though this lesson can still be accessible to beginners interested in advancing ideas on the guitar.

 This Lesson includes over 30 minutes of instruction and 6 PDFs covering the Polytonal Scale Options, Licks using Polytonality, Impressions (Jazz Standard Arrangement) and Exploring the scales through improvisation on progressions. 

Hope you enjoy this lesson.